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Manchester Lumps Clinic and Rapid Access Clinic

We discuss some common questions you might have about the Lumps clinic.

What is the clinic for?

This specialised clinic enables a one stop rapid assessment and diagnoses of patients with lumps of varying nature. Big or small, the clinic can assess the patients lump and offer investigations to provide a diagnosis and further management plan. 

What kind of lump problems do you assist in?

Lumps are commonplace on the human body but some can be concerning particularly if increasing in size, bigger than a golf ball, painful, or recurring after previous excision. 

Although most lumps are benign (non-cancerous), some can be Sarcomas (rare malignant soft tissue or bone tumours) that arise from abnormal cells to grow into malignant lesions. Early assessment is critical in ensuring early diagnoses and management to effectively treat Sarcoma.
Benign lumps may cause problems depending on the area on the body and may require surgical excision. 

Where is the clinic held?

The lumps clinic is held at the BMI Alexandra, Spire Manchester, and HCA Wilmslow hospitals. 

What is a rapid access clinic?

The rapid access clinic is a one stop clinic for patients with a lump who will be assessed, have a scan, and be given a diagnoses within a hour.

Investigations include X-rays, ultrasound or MRI scan. You may require a biopsy of the lump under local anaesthetic at the same sitting so we can get further information about the lump.

Is the rapid access clinic accessible to everyone?

The clinic can be accessed by private insured and self pay patients. Private patients will need to check with their policy what is covered and excesses involved. Self pay patients can enquire about the package price of a one stop clinic here 

How do I book an appointment for the rapid access clinic?

You can book an appointment either by contacting the hospitals Spire Manchester, HCA Wilmslow, BMI Alexandra or contact us with your query. 
Please mention rapid access clinic. (more information about the clinic can be fund here)

It is preferable to have a GP referral however we also see patients without one. 

Get in touch if you have a lump of concern via our Contact form or email us.