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Manchester Lumps Clinic is a private specialised clinic treating for patients with a lump that requires expert assessment, diagnostics and management.

Manchester Lumps Clinic is a specialised clinic catering for patients with a lump that requires expert assessment, diagnostics and management.

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Consultation Locations

BMI Alexandra Hospital

Mill Lane, Cheadle,
SK8 2PX.

Spire Hospital Manchester

170 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester.
M20 2AF.

BMI The Highfield Hospital

Manchester Road, Rochdale, Lancashire.
OL11 4LZ.

HCA Wilmslow

52 Alderley Road,
SK9 1NY.

HCA Christie Clinic

550 Wilmslow Road,
M20 4BX.

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Common Lumps


Lipomas are small, or large, benign fatty lumps that appear commonly in the lumps or torso.


Cysts are common benign fluid filled lesions which may present as soft tissue or bony lumps.

Vascular Malformation

Venous malformations are anomalies in blood vessels, It may be present since birth, or develop after trauma or even pregnancy.

About Us

Whatever your lump concern, we are here to help

Manchester Lumps Clinics is run by Mr Kumar, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with specialist interest is in musculoskeletal oncology in particular soft tissue sarcomas. He is the Clinical Director of Sarcoma for Greater Manchester Cancer Pathway Board.

In your consultation we will ensure all your queries are answered and you have a clear idea of treatment options available. We firmly believe in patient centred care maintaining high standards and satisfaction.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or wish to book an appointment at Manchester Lumps Clinic.

How we can help

Soft Tissue Tumours


Manchester Lumps Clinic specialises in earlier detection of soft tissue sarcoma and has a multidisciplinary team to address such concerning lumps.

Fatty Tumours

Fatty based tissue are derived from fat cells namely adipocytes.
The most commonest presentation is as a benign lipoma.

Nerve Tumours

Nerve based tumours are derived from nerve cells which include Schwann cells, astrocytes, and neural based tissue.