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Sarcoma awareness week!

It’s particularly fitting that the first blog of the MLC is in Sarcoma awareness week. #sarcomaawareness #partofit

Much work has been done over the years by Sarcoma clinicians and charities like Sarcoma UK to raise awareness of Sarcoma in the UK.

Sarcoma being a very rare soft tissue or bone cancer forms only 1% of all tumours. It’s rare for a GP to see in their career however when they do its imperative early referral and diagnosis is made to improve patient’s outcomes. 

Recent data from Sarcoma UK has shown that majority might ignore early symptoms and only 1 in 4 doctors might be able to diagnose these signs. There are around 5000 confirmed diagnoses each year recent data suggests.

Being a rare cancer, early diagnosis and management is and patients should be referred at one of the specialised sarcoma centres in the UK. 

If you or anyone has a lump or swelling of concern then see you doctor for advice or come and see the experts at the Manchester Lumps Clinic for rapid assessment and diagnoses.

Criteria includes any lump getting bigger and/or bigger than a golf ball (5cm), painful, recurrent lump, site of radiotherapy or history of cancer. Unexplained bone pain, joint swellings, suspicious radiographic features may be a warning for bone sarcoma. 

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Spread the word about Sarcoma, get involved, be #partofit