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Peace of mind within the hour for people with lumps and bumps

People in the North West who are concerned that their unexplained lump or bump could be cancer will now have access to faster diagnosis, thanks to the Rapid Access Sarcoma Clinic.

The new clinic, led by Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Amit Kumar, means that patients concerned about lumps will be assessed, have an Ultrasound and know the results of their scan in the same appointment, providing them with peace of mind and a management plan moving forward if they need one.

What is great about the Rapid Access Sarcoma Clinic is the speed with which patients can get a diagnosis: they can be in and out within an hour, with scan results telephoned straight through to me within minutes. It will mean that we can alleviate any patient concerns quickly and offer instant management plans for those diagnosed with Sarcoma.

Early detection is paramount for improving patient outcome and so the Rapid Access Sarcoma clinic will be an immensely valuable addition for patients.

Sarcoma comprises 1% of all malignant tumours and while not common, delays in diagnosis can adversely affect a patient’s prognosis.

The new clinic is for insured patients and for those who choose to pay for their own care.